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Chopard is a Swiss, now Geneva based luxury watch and jewellery manufacturing company with designing and manufacturing its watches in house. Chopard today is among the main jewellery and watch manufacturers in the world, with several fine quality jewellery and watches collections. Chopard watches are well bought all around the world and we can get to see multiple Chopard Watches and jewellery boutiques in almost every countries as well as in Dubai, being a fan of the Swiss company as well. The biggest Chopard boutique can be found in the Dubai Mall today, having several other outlets and retailers offering its items.

Chopard is among the very few watchmakers which could also succeed in quality jewellery making all the same. Also the company is among the very few being still a family run company run by the Scheufele family in Geneva , Switzerland. Chopard was established by a young Louis Ulysse Chopard in 1860 then in 1920 purchased by its current owners. The Chopard watches were always famous for its high precision and elegance. Chopard is one of the four main brands being part of the Fleurier Quality Foundation (together with Bovet, Parmigiani and Vaucher) following its prescribed high quality standards which compete well with the Geneva standards of the highest quality Swiss watches brands like Piaget, Patek Philippe or Longines. From 1963 Chopard stepped into the jewellery industry and started to come up with its beautiful and highly expensive exclusive jewellery collections. Meanwhile Chopard watches gained more and more attention from the public with their attractive designs and great punctual working.

In 1976 the Happy Diamonds collection of Chopard was the first which featured one collection that included both jewellery and watches as well, decorated with pure floating diamonds that were floating around the sapphire crystals. The first sport collection called Happy Sport of Chopard watches came out in 1980 and with the growing attention more and more boutiques of Chopard watches and jewels have started to open in the big cities in the world. Chopard also features Mille Miglia collections each year with respect for the Mille Miglia Italian race. Chopard Watches and Jewellery also partnered the world famous film festival of Cannes with its LUC Quattro watch which included 4 barrelled calibres which counts as an innovation in the horology. These watches were exchanged by the LUC Tonneau Chopard watches which were the first tonneau shaped self winding mechanism powered my a micro-rotor. In 2003 the Chopard came out with its Tourbillon watch with the Happy Spritit collection. Other famous Chopard watches include the LUC Regulateur and LUC Lunar watches. Chopard came out with its first yachting and water sport watches the Grand Prix Chopard Decision 35. Today the three lines of Chopard watches: the LUC, the Classic Racing and the High Jewellery watches are all very famous.

Chopard boutiques in Dubai can be found in several shopping malls, its brand stores can be found in the Dubai Mall, the Wafi Centre, Mall of the Emirates, with two hotel brand stores in the Dubai Burj al Arab Hotel and in the Le Royal Meridien Hotels. The main Dubai retailer of Chopard watches is the Ahmed Seddiqi and Sons which is the highest seller of luxury watches in Dubai.

Chopard has 25 stores in the United Arab Emirates out of which 15 are found in Dubai. This says a lot about the success of the Chopard watches and jewellery in the sheikhdom. Dubai is a great place to buy Chopard watches along with other high quality items as the prices here are the best for shopping.