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Breguet is among the oldest surviving brands of Swiss watches. Today owned by the huge Swatch Group, the company is still flourishing and the Breguet watches are among the most expensive timepieces in the world. In Dubai, you will find many stores where you can see these alone-standing luxury watches with its biggest brand store being in the Dubai Mall.

Interestingly, Breguet was found not in Switzerland but in France, Paris in 1775. Later, it moved to Switzerland to the Vallé de Joux. Breguet watches contain several contemporary pioneering technologies in watch making. For example, the Tourbillon a special case invented by Abraham Louis Breguet Tourbillon is such miniature equipment in horology, which helps to avoid the mechanics of the watch from the effects of gravity with the help of a mounting case that holds the whole machinery of the watch. The Breguet Company today deals not only with the Breguet watches but also creates jewellery, writing instruments and exclusive cufflinks as well. The Breguet watches have several distinguishing features like the guilloche dials, which means a special engraved logo and the blue pomme hands referred to as Breuget hands.

Several famous personalities such as Marie Antoinette and Louis the XVI King and Queen of France and Napoleon have bought and worn the Breguet watches. Breguet watches are also mentioned in several, mainly French books as high quality luxury watches as they are. Today the collection of the Breuget watches have two main lines, the timepieces for men and women. In these two categories, there are 5-5 main lines:

Main collections for Breguet watches for men
Tradition: Beautiful contemporary looking timepieces yet with all the modern feature necessary in a watch today. The Souscription models of Monsieur Breguet inspired these watches.

Classique: With fired enamel dials, these watches are the classic timepieces of Breguet including the complications, which are the most expensive models in the watch making.

Marine: As Breguet was also making chronometers for the French Navy, these watches carry the navy traditions of Breguet. They are highly water resistant and include a chronometer and several useful features for those who would use them for yachting or so.

Héritage: These are narrow cushion shaped classic watches of Breguet.

Type XX, XXI: These are the professional watches of Breguet first started in 1950 when they were specifically designed for the armed forces of the French Navy. They have an extra strong construction and water resistance, chronometer and other useful features in the water.

Main collections for Breguet watches for women are Classique, Marine. Héritage and Type XX models. They are the same for women only more decorated with a classy feminine look. The jewellery Breguet watches are in the collection Reine de Naples.

The Marie Antoinette watch : The watch dedicated solely for Marie Antoinette was stolen in 1983 from Jerusalem but current owner Mr. Hayek decided to make its perfect reproduction in both machinery and materials used and in its looks. This watch can be seen in Basel today. Ever since, the original watch seems to be found as well but its whereabouts are still unknown.

In Dubai, you can find the largest Breguet brand store in the huge Dubai Mall. The second store holding only Breguet goods is in the Dubai Mall of the Emirates. The Dubai Seddiqi and Sons jewellery and watch retailers also sell Breguet. In Dubai, Breguet watches are also sold by the Rivoli watch retailing chain, in Rivoli Prestige stores in the BurJuman Centre, in the Burj al Arab and the Al Qasr Hotel within the Dubai Madinat Jumeirah.

Breguet Watches is more than a famous brand in Dubai. While Dubai people love expensive goods, they also love quality. What else could better represent quality than this great brand of Breguet Watches?